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Aug 1, 2009 7:30pm EDT
natural to start with jazz, america's indigenous art form. >> indeed, jazz is considered by many to be america's greatest artistic gift to the world. the understanding and appreciation of jazz is integral to understanding and appreciating american history and culture. >> country and classical music will also be featured in future sessions of the white house music series. >>> in case you missed it, a fourth season of "america's got talent" is under way. shows like this have brought us names including susan boyle and little caitlin mayer. the latest is the youngest and quite possibly the most precocious reality tv star we've ever seen. eun yang caught up with caitlin a year after her voice got into the competition's final rounds. >> hi. how are you going? >> i'm fine. how are you doing? >> i'm well. thank you for asking. >> she stole america's hearts with her sweet face, sparkling personality -- ♪ i think to myself what a wonderful world ♪ >> -- and her angelic voice. ♪ friends shaking hands saying how do you do they're really saying i love you ♪ >> in last season's "americ
Aug 29, 2009 5:00am EDT
advance. changing the tide of the war and ultimately preserving these united states of america. >> battle of gettysburg is such an important moment in this nation's history. it's not where the nation was born. but where the nation was saved. and i think -- the identity we all have as americans in many respects comes back to gettysburg. that conflict. that we somehow got over and got past. and emerged a stronger nation. >> gettysburg national pk is an historic gem. more than 1 million visitors come each year. looking across the beautiful field, many try to envision what it was like. >> you are able to walk along the battle fields. see how some of the generals made their decisions. and basically, and just think what you would do, or what i would do if i was here. >> helping paint the picture is a beautiful new museum and visitors' center. dedicated in 2008 with over 1 million artifacts in its collection and the museum tells the story not just of the battle but of the people who fought, the lives that were changed and the legacy that was created. begin by watching the wonderful documentary.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2